Why Blogging helps SEO


What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In search results Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

In simple terms your web pages have the potential to rank in Google so long as other web pages link to them.

Why Blogging helps SEO

  • Fresh Content

No one wants to be reading the same material over and over again. Search engines love unique and fresh content. If your site is not being updated regularly a competitor could start to pass you out on the search engine results page. If you want to make sure that your site stays ahead of your competitor ensure you add a blog maybe once a week with fresh content.

  • Guest Blogging

Get an expert on one of your products who is well known by the public to do a blog for your site. This would help your SEO as more people would be searching for your site as they want to see the guest blog. Search engines such as Google would see the high level of interaction and this would then push your ranking up higher.

  • Popularity

If your blogs are interesting they will more than likely be shared by people. If your blogs are being clicked on regularly they will move up in the search rankings. Remember though, your content must be unique and really interesting so people will share it!!

  • Video and images

Videos and images offer your readers something different then just plain text. Google rates videos and images very highly in regards of SEO. The more videos and images you have the better one you don’t overdo it!!!!!

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Top 5 Tips for Creating Great Facebook Content

Logo of Facebook

Facebook is used by millions of companies throughout the world. They use Facebook to target their customers directly by posting information, offers and competitions. The difference between a good exciting page and a bad boring page is simple, it’s all about the content that the company post. Here are my top five tips for creating Facebook Content.

Use images and Videos

Images and videos catch people’s eye rather than just plain text. Posting photos of your products helps show what type of products you sell.  Using a small amount of text with these images helps, I recommend around 100 characters. Keep the text small as people don’t like reading long text.

Create Conversation


Ask your audience to share their thoughts on products which encourages them to give feedback. Your audience will start to engage with each other giving each other tips and advice. People will see that their friends are interacting with a post and could possibly join in.

Discounts and Promotions 

Offer discounts and promotions exclusively to you your Facebook followers. If people find out that you offer exclusive deals on your Facebook page they will like your page and let other people know about your page.

Be Interesting

Ensure your posts are interesting as nobody wants to look at a boring Facebook page. Keep the tone of your post exciting rather than just posting boring information. Always talking in a professional tone will make your post seem dull. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Content Map

A content map will help you know what to post and at what times. Plan your post ahead so you will not have to think on the spot of what topics to discuss. This means that you give yourself plenty of time to ensure you have a good knowledge of the topic before posting it.

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The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

According to mashable.com mobile marketing is marketing using a mobile phone!!

Is the future of marketing mobile? Personally I believe it is. When companies decide to advertise their good of service they must decide the best way to advertise it. How many of us can say we watch all the ads in between commercial breaks on the television? I normally fast forward it or else just check my Facebook or Twitter by going on my phone.  These days people rarely just look at the television, they normally check their phones regularly to see what other people are doing or finding out what’s going on in the world.  With people using their mobile devices so much more than they used to I think companies should exploit this by promoting their products or services on smartphone apps.

According to First Data, an online payment system provider, 81 percent of smartphone users check social media to read reviews before making a purchase. This shows us that the majority of smartphone users check their mobile when searching for information about a good or service. This is why companies should actively market their good or service on mobile devices.

As consumers use a broad range of mobile devices, it is important to ensure that the mobile marketing materials are compatible with all mobile devices. By using mobile marketing it is important to prioritise your special offers and sales. When using mobile marketing you must realise that you only have very a very small window of opportunity to catch your target audience’s eye. By potential customers seeing your special offer this will increase the response rate.

Should you design a mobile website or use an app? Entrepreneur.com claims that 85 percent of consumers prefer using an app rather than a mobile website. The layout of a mobile website can turn people off so when using an app try and design it in a way that these problems don’t occur.

So if 85 percent of consumers prefer using an app rather than a mobile website, it is clear that the best way a company can market their good or service is through mobile apps.

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My App Idea!




My great app idea is to create an app that allows people to mix and match clothes from many different shops. How does the app work? The idea is that the person using the app will get someone to take a full body photo of them, then they enter their weight and height to make sure their self-made digital mannequin represents them perfectly.


After purchasing the app the consumer can then download different shop wardrobes where they can mix and match different clothes. Myself and my fellow group members Brendan Hourihan and Michael Crowley thought of this app when we were discussing how long it takes to find clothes or outfits that suit you, Would it not be so much easier if you knew what you wanted before you went into a shop? The answer to this is pretty simple just check the shops website to see what they have. But then we thought what if you could see what it looks like on you before you even try it on?  Also what if we could see what one piece of clothing looks like on you from one store matched with another piece of clothing from another store without having to visit the stores? Eureka!! So that’s how we came up with our app idea “Tailor me”


It’s pretty simple really! Children make different costumes on dolls, they use books to change outfits on characters so why can’t we design our future outfits from an app. Can we all remember those books when we were younger which allowed us to make many different outfits for a person? Even though this is from a children’s book this image shows us how simple the app would be, you would be the mannequin and you could flick between different jumpers, trousers and shoes all from different stores.



Let’s say you are going to a shopping centre tomorrow but know you can’t stay there long so you want to have an outfit pretty much ready for you to collect when you arrive there. So you know there’s a Lifestyle Sports, Jack & Jones and a Diesel shop all in the one shopping centre, all you have to do is download their wardrobes in the app. By the time you’re finished you could possibly end up with a jumper from Jack & Jones, jeans from Diesel and shoes from Lifestyle Sports. Personally I believe the unique selling point of this app is that you will be able to see what the outfit actually looks like on you without having to try them on.

We would hope that money would be generated through advertising by the shops who want you to download their wardrobe. If this was to happen the app could be downloaded for free.

The following is my groups entry form for C.I.T’S competition the APPrentice

New app new app 2


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